Frequently Asked Questions


Does MMM really ship anywhere in the world FOR FREE?

Yes it does, Mascot Monthly Mix ships anywhere in the world FOR FREE!   

Where does MMM ship from?

Tokyo, Japan!

Is each Mix really mascot curated?

Yes they are! Mascot Monthly Mix works directly with the mascots themselves (and the groups that manage them!) to put together each Mix just for you! Each mix contains a selection of rare goodies that can only be found in their hometown --whatever prefecture of Japan they are from!-- along with a few of their favorite popular Japanese snacks, and some items from their own personal stash!  For further reading about mascots and what they are, click the MASCOTS tab above!

Where do the snacks and candies in each MMM come from?

The snacks in each Monthly Mascot Mix are all from Japan. We work with as many small businesses as possible, especially those locally based, in order to source our snacks and candies. Our goal is to get this up to 100% as soon as possible!  

What are the local specialties from mascot's hometowns?

Japan is home to many, many mascots, and just as many uniquely flavored snacks! Different areas of Japan (called Prefectures) often have particular foods that they are known for, as well as variations of snacks that can be found nowhere else in the world! When a mascot decides which of these they would like to include in a Mix, MMM sources from as many local businesses as possible in order to make it happen! 

What's the difference between the MiniMix and the MegaMix?

The MiniMix is the perfect box for people who just want to sample Japanese snacks and candies. It's got everything the other Japanese snack boxes have! On the other hand, the MegaMix is the definitive MMM experience! Each one comes with nearly double what the MiniMix has, and includes a specialty drink from the Mascot of the Month's prefecture; a DIY candy kit; and an extra item or two from the mascot's stash. Both sizes come with our signature mascot-themed postcard.       

Are mascots even real?

ARE YOU EVEN REAL? What if we're all just brains in jars? We recommend not thinking about it too hard and just enjoying yourself.

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