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JULY2021 MegaMix: Taimee's Tranquil Trip


Product Description

Location: Mie Prefecture

A taste-tour of Japan's perfect pilgrimage place, experience the magnificent nature of the seaside Mie Prefecture! This month's Mix is curated by Taimee, a fish/mandarin orange hybrid, who is the official mascot of Minami Ise! Taimee is excited to bring you on a tranquil trip through their hometown, from a heart-shaped pond, to a shrine rebuilt every 20 years since antiquity, to a town renown for female oyster divers, and all the way to the town of a famed ninja clan!

In this Mega Mix you will receive:

-Newely released, Japan exclusive Kit-Kats!
-A pack of Japan exclusive Kit-Kats (a delicious summer exclusive flavor!)
-An assortment of Taimee's favorite snacks that can only be found in Mie Prefecture
-1 extremely healthy vegetable drink (190ml)
-A Mie Prefecture specialty waffle snack
-Taiyaki (a traditional Japanese snack... that just so happens to be the shaped like the kind of fish that Taimee's father was!)
-1 pack of Taimee's favorite chips
-Summer festival themed Dagashi (old-style nostalgic Japanese snacks)
-Taimee's favorite summer festival treasure!
-Mascot themed sticker
-Mascot themed postcard
-Mascot curated guidebook

This is a SINGLE PURCHASE MegaMix, and does not require a subscription. Free shipping included.

Allergen information is included in the guidebook

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