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AUGUST2021 MegaMix: Yahatainu's Yama


Product Description

Mascot: Yahatainu of the City of Kai
Location: Yamanashi Prefecture

A Taste-tour through the awe-inspiring Yamanashi Prefecture! This month's Mix is curated by Yahatainu, a dog that is also a potato, who is the official mascot of the City of Kai! Don't touch his leaf!!! When he's not being lazy, Yahatainu is actually very active, and this month he will be taking you throughout his mountain homeland: from his city, to a summer lantern floating festival, to 8 sacred ponds, and all the way to the most famous mountain in all of Japan!

In this Mega Mix you will receive:

-Some Japan exclusive Kit-Kats (a special summer exclusive flavor!)
-Yamanashi Prefecture specialty snacks (including a pack of Yamanashi peach tea)
-1 delicious cup-soup that Yahatinu loves
-1 newely released coffee drink (250ml)
-1 pack of popping hi-chew gummies!
-1 bag of Yahatinu's favorite chips
-Many popular Japanese snacks
-Summer festival themed Dagashi (old-style nostalgic Japanese snacks)
-Mascot themed clearfile
-Mascot themed sticker
-Mascot themed postcard
-Mascot curated guidebook

This is a SINGLE PURCHASE MegaMix, and does not require a subscription. Free shipping is included.

Allergen information is included in the guidebook. All items in this Mix are made in Japan.

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